It has taken me a moment to digest what has been happening on the road to riders who live in Georgia. With no exaggeration there has been since riding season started the middle of March seventeen bikers hurt and out of the seventeen at least 5 to 6 have died.

Now I thought about it and said this is not the time to blame anyone for how we’re riding reckless out here and who may have been the mentor of these aggressive riders that promote this bad and unsafe behavior. Riders have to help Riders stay alive. We have a responsibility to each other to do whatever we have to do to keep someone alive another day.

I’m sorry to say 99% has been male and all sport bikes. So what’s up? I am a victim of riding and allowing myself to let others push me beyond my limit and make a decision to get back on a bike that was unsafe and I could have died. That shit won’t happen again. We don’t want to be left behind or called soft cause we won’t do the stunts and tricks others are doing.

I know we tend to get this intrepid mindset once we’ve had a few drinks or what else you use that is considered a mind or mood altering substance, to blast, do donuts, wheelies, fly between vehicles on the road…you know what I’m talking about. If this is what happens to you and you don’t know your limit then damn it you don’t need to ride when you are drinking. We can’t be afraid to flatten tires, take keys, knock their ass out or whatever it takes to keep them alive another day.

This behavior is the most selfish thing you can do to your friends and family because you probably don’t have insurance, 401K, savings or something stashed for a rainy day. Then here we go with all these fundraisers every damn week, why because most of the times it’s for a person’s selfish behavior why money needs to be raised to help offset the funeral cost.

I love everybody man and it’s high time for clubs and riders to become accountable for this insidious behavior; the safety of their riders on the road. I was blown away this weekend we had seven riders down and 3 deaths from the seven. This shit ain’t funny and it’s getting real old too soon.

This is a suggestion that I brought up to another female rider about the Georgia Council deciding what the consequence should be to the club and the rider for acting a damn fool on two’s. Since most of us are willing to change rather quickly when it hits us in our pockets; then fines are what I am proposing for their asses! If it appears to be consistent with a particular club, then black ball them or refuse to let them fly their colors until they have taken a safety course and have documentation that they’ve completed it successfully. We have to stay aware of motorists that are aggressive, on cell phones, texting or not knowing how to respond to us on the road.

You have to implement drastic measures for drastic times…it’s that time. The dialog must start with finding the solution to keep riders alive this season and the seasons too come. We forget our bikes have been up from say December to March and we need to acclimate ourselves to the level we were in the previous season. Some ride all year and they don’t get rusty but some of us do. Ride your ride and don’t give a damn about what someone may think about you not wanting to lose your life.


~ by goldie1779 on April 12, 2010.

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