National Bikers Roundup…I have more rooms available!

I have been contacted on numerous occasions about rooms for the National Bikers Roundup in Columbia, Missouri. Well I have some great news that I have located available rooms, however the location is about 50 miles out. The rate is well worth it and the rooms are held through my corporate account rate of $38.28 a night from August 3rd through August 8th.

This is one reason I’ve informed everyone before to setup an account with CheckINN Direct to save on rooms where ever you may travel. The location is Super 8 Motel and I have a block of rooms, 60 to be exact. So if you are in need of rooms I need you to contact me via email at

The key code “BlackBikers” has been reactivated with CheckINN Direct so you can setup your account. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. As you see it does work to have it because this is how I am able to help you.

I will know by next week if I will have more rooms available at a new Motel that is closer. They will have 60 rooms and I have reserved all of the rooms to help everyone who doesn’t have rooms yet. The rate for the rooms will be comparable to the rate at Super 8 Motel; around $35.00 to $45.00 per night. It is imperative that you continue to check my website to see when rooms are available and I will give you the code to reserve your rooms.

Let me be very clear the rooms will be paid by you on your credit card. Each person will be responsible for your own amenities and room rate. All I am doing is making it convenient for those who couldn’t find rooms available for the event. My website is Black Bikers Experience.


~ by goldie1779 on May 13, 2010.

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