Mandatory Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints



We tend to forget things if they aren’t brought to our attention again and again. So I am coupling the efforts of other motorcycle rights organizations around the country on H.R. 1498.

Mandatory Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints have been conducted in most of all the US this year. Conducted under the ruse of a “Safety Check”, these checkpoints (or roadblocks) were for motorcycles ONLY! The MMA believes these checks are being conducted illegally and are discriminatory in nature, to say the least. Before the season starts again let’s get busy and stand united to put a stop to this endeavor. This crap started around Labor Day in California.

NHTSA has actually made available $350,000 of Taxpayer-Funded Grant Money specifically to fund these checkpoints across the Unites States. While law enforcement officials may defend the program as a safety measure to decrease motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities, there is no proof of its effectiveness. The practice, first modeled in New York State, has drawn the ire of thousands of motorcyclists nationally. I firsthand have posted an article about the grant money they’ve received in California to defend this profiling tactic.

This constant profiling is more evidence of attempts targeting our motorcycling community. This CTA requests all members of the motorcycling community participate and is supported by every Motorcycle Rights Organizations (MRF, AMA, TMRA2, TMRA, ABATE) and must be carried out and delivered efficiently and effectively.

Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin) has drafted House Resolution 1498 supporting efforts to retain a ban on NHTSA’s ability to lobby State Legislators using Taxpayer Federal dollars through the “Motorcycle Law Enforcement Demonstration” grant program.

All motorcyclists need to participate by writing, calling, emailing and faxing Ray LaHood, David Strickland, and most importantly your elected United States representatives! Ask your Legislators for their support of H.R. 1498 and do it today!

Each State should have the right to determine their own helmet policies and we do NOT support David Strickland’s position of wanting to, “put a helmet on every motorcyclists head” to reduce accidents and fatalities. Statistics prove that motorcycle safety and awareness education programs in conjunction with rider training programs across the country have a far greater impact in reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities. The funding the government has set aside ($350,000) for supposed “Safety Checks” would be much better spent with a research-based national motorcycle crash causation study such as the one currently underway at Oklahoma State University. This sentiment is supported by Sensenbrenner and many of his colleagues in Congress through recently introduced H. Res. 1498.


U.S. Secretary of Transportation NHTSA – National Highway

Traffic Safety Administration

Ray LaHood- Administrator

David Strickland – Administrator

1200 New Jersey Ave.SE 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE

Washington, DC 20590 Washington DC, 20590

202-366-4000 or 202-366-4000



~ by goldie1779 on November 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mandatory Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints”

  1. Motorcycle Checkpoints: American Bikers Need Not Deal with the Devil to Defeat Them

    In their release entitled “11NR09 – MRF News Release – United States House of Representatives Bill to Prohibit Funding for Motorcycle Checkpoints” ( ) the Motorcycle Riders Foundation implies that American bikers should KISS Fascist Fat Jim Sensenbrenner’s a*s so they can stay in General Population. To the contrary, I say that American bikers should KICK Fascist Fat Jim Sensenbrenner’s a*s so they can help bring down the Prison!

    Fat Jim Sensenbrenner is the sponsor of the USA Patriot Act:

    Fat Jim Sensenbrenner is the sponsor of the REAL ID Act:

    Fat Jim Sensenbrenner’s next bill may eliminate all rights to privacy on the Internet:

    If American Bikers have become such spineless Sheeple that they can only protect their rights by sucking up to the very people that are icons of all that we (should) oppose, then they deserve and should expect the ugly fate that awaits all COLLABORATORS when real freedom fighters wrest control from their fascist oppressors.






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