Bikers & Motorcycle Clubs let’s Bridge the Gap



Let’s stop this war of all against all by bridging the gap; each one teaches one.

I don’t think we understand that we gain civil rights in return for accepting the obligation to respect and defend the rights of others. When civilians & the police see you riding a motorcycle with a vest all they see is a biker that belong to a motorcycle gang. They don’t see color of your skin or know your sex. There will always be a strain of individuals who will find a reason to discriminate with the intent to isolate. Let’s stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution by coming together, ironing out our differences, educate each other and be okay with agreeing to disagree with respect.


It is evident that the terms in which we are operating under are failing in some areas. When failings are found we must renegotiate to change the terms, using methods such as bridging the gap between in-law (99%) bikers & outlaw (1%) bikers and let’s not forget about women riders who ride motorcycles just as hard as our male counterparts.

I have a question. Do you violate these roadblocks that keep us at odds even when they are against your self-interest for the betterment of our culture at large? I say yes because the only way we can reach the next level successfully is bikers and motorcycle clubs is with inclusion and open mindedness.

I’m very happy to be a part of the bigger picture even though I’m not welcomed to join a Facebook group that is for men only. I respect the intent of the page because it’s trying to get the men onboard before women are welcomed. I believe in natural justice. Natural justice is a pledge of reciprocal benefit, to prevent one man from harming or being harmed by another through education in our motorcycle sub-culture. Bikers or motorcycle clubs who are incapable of making binding agreements with one another not to inflict nor suffer harm are without either justice or injustice; and likewise for those who either could not or would not form binding agreements not to inflict nor suffer harm must be dealt with.

Natural law is the enemy of absolute monarchy. I understand that there are some damn well betters in the motorcycle community and those damn well betters must be consistently taught by those of us who have the knowledge and wisdom. Yes that means being open to be taught by another race or sex.

Hugo Grotius goes so far as to say in his “On the Law of War and Peace” that even if we were to concede what we cannot concede without the utmost wickedness, that there is no God, these laws would still hold.” The best thing about his statement is that it allows us to force history’s hand by making the necessary adjustment in the motorcycle club world. Since it suggest that power can ultimately go back to the individuals if the society that they have set up forfeits the purpose for which it was originally established, which is to preserve themselves and practice brotherhood and yes sisterhood too.

I believe we are under our own jurisdiction. People have rights as human beings but there is an explanation of those rights because of what is possible for everyone to accept morally; everyone has to accept that people as individuals are entitled to try to preserve themselves. We should, therefore, avoid doing harm to or interfere with one another under the guise of being the most dominant motorcycle club in the state. Any breach of these rights should be punished.

There are much better ways to communicate with one another to keep the lines of communication open. Fear and intimidation isn’t the answer. We all need to respect one another. OG’s must show respect to the New G’s and the New G’s must respect the OG’s. I seek to solve our problems holistically through prevention and education. Have you ever thought about what the impact of decisions and behavior on our present and future community and world?

Nobody’s better than anybody else, especially when it comes to growing the motorcycle community at large. We must meet bikers where they are from newbie to OG. We all can learn a thing or two from one another. Let’s keep an open mind; that may leave room for a worthwhile thought to be dropped in it.


There has been talk that there are some OMC‘s with police in them. Well from what I’ve been taught that’s like oil & vinegar; they don’t mix; especially when the PoPo was in a prime officer position; like President and National Sergeant At Arms. That does makes you go hmmm… Even though I know the police are one of the biggest gangs out there today along with Politian’s…there is no room for them in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club…LOL

What’s stopping you from bridging the gap? To be continued…


These are the words and opinion of Goldie not my club affiliation…just me black female rider extraordinaire.


~ by goldie1779 on April 24, 2011.

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