Harley Davidson Riders of Atlanta…Racism Is Alive & Thriving

There’s no doubt, racism is alive and thriving in America. I’m a history junky. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a person, place or thing. If I find it interesting; I’ll research it to study myself approved. Because knowledge is power and I want to share this with those who take the time to visit this website.



So, what’s all the fuss about racism? Well as I’m confronted with it, I will give a depiction of the source so light might come from its exposure. I currently live in Georgia that’s why I found it necessary to share my personal experience on this issue; matter of fact as resent as today I had someone spew some cowardly ignorant racist comment to a post of mine on a Facebook Page called Harley Davidson Riders of Atlanta.



During slavery Georgia was the number one state out of the nine southern states who didn’t want slavery dismantled. Thomas Jefferson introduced a bill designed to end slavery, not all of the southern Founders were opposed to slavery. According to the testimony of Virginians James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and John Rutledge, it was the Founders from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia who most strongly favored slavery.



Yet, despite the support for slavery in those States, the clear majority of the Founders opposed this evil. For instance, when some of the southern pro-slavery advocates invoked the Bible in support of slavery, Elias Boudinot, President of the Continental Congress, responded:



“Even the sacred Scriptures had been quoted to justify this iniquitous traffic. It is true that the Egyptians held the Israelites in bondage for four hundred years . . . but . . . gentlemen you cannot forget the consequences that followed: they were delivered by a strong hand and stretched-out arm and it ought to be remembered that the Almighty Power that accomplished their deliverance is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”



So, what’s all the fuss about racism?





Ok, I joined this Facebook Page called Harley Davidson Riders of Atlanta. I posted a link that had my website information to promote education on Black Motorcycle Clubs and so much more. So Keith Robinson of Dallas, GA decided to respond to the link in a rather racist way. Am I shocked? No…however it fascinates me that the administrator of the Facebook Page hasn’t blocked him yet.



I took time to go through all 177 member profiles in the group and discovered just by the pictures; I’m the only Black Harley Rider. Is that strange? Yes, because there are a lot of Black Harley Riders in Atlanta, GA. I’d like some feedback. Speak your mind, please.



  1. What would you do if you posted this link and read this response to your post?
  2. How would you respond or react to this coward?
  3. Would you unsubscribe to this FacebookPage?

Rush Limbaugh has ridden that pony with impunity. Such tastelessness is what is expected from someone who joked that he’d like to own an NFL franchise because he fancied owning some black men. Keith Robinson I bet this is your favorite radio personality.



The Right (racist) doesn’t like the fact that there’s a black man in the White House who isn’t serving coffee, and the Left (racist) doesn’t like the fact that there’s a black man in the White House who’s smarter than they are and who doesn’t do what they order them to do.



I need your help again with this statement from racist. Now repeat after me, “Some of my best friends are “blacks.” (As Donald Trump said). When racist are confronted about their actions that one of the things you can expect them to say; as if that’s suppose to let them off the hook.



Since I’m living in the Peach State I’d like to know who’s under that sheet. I don’t have a problem with removing myself from those who think, act and feel this way about any people of color. I captured the comments to my post and you can read them below. I will reiterate, “There’s no doubt, racism is alive and thriving in America”.






Goldie Sowers


Read A Blog – Black Bikers Experience – Black Motorcycle Club History & More!






Black Motorcycle Club History & More!



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      Friday at 9:06am · Like

    • Karen Gray Davis If you’re going to try and insult someone Keith at least educate yourself to get your grammar and spelling right! Just makes you look more ignorant

      Friday at 10:06am · Like

    • C Dean Welch Keith is a jerk and needs to be kicked off this site

      Friday at 10:38am · Like · 1 person

    • Keith Robinson Please kick me off!!!

      10 hours ago · Like

    • Karen Gray Davis Somebody should what the hell is wrong with you posting stuff like that! If you hate the group you can always leave or not post

      10 hours ago · Like

    • Goldie Sowers ‎@Keith 1st thank u for sharing ur ignorance. 2nd I know u dont have the heart to say that racist shit to our faces. U hide under a sheet and let me b the 1st to let u know that times have changed. Us Niggas aren’t afraid to confront ur ass. Hey let’s meet so u can tell me to my face what u think of black bikers.

      about an hour ago via Facebook Mobile · Like

    • C Dean Welch He is such a coward he won’t post a picture that shows what he really looks like much less agree to meet in the light of day so everyone can see what the face of stupidity looks like.

      34 minutes ago · Like



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